Whiskey Lover Starter Set (15% Off)

Whiskey Lover Starter Set (15% Off)
Embrace the art of crafting classic whiskey cocktails with our Whiskey Lover Starter Set, meticu...
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Embrace the art of crafting classic whiskey cocktails with our Whiskey Lover Starter Set, meticulously curated for both the budding mixologist and the whiskey enthusiast. This comprehensive set brings together essential high-quality tools and ingredients to elevate your home bar experience.

The Whiskey Lover Starter Set Includes:

Japanese Jigger ($22 Value): Precision is key in mixology, and our elegant stainless steel Japanese jigger ensures accurate measurements for every pour. The 1oz and 2oz capacities are perfect for balancing cocktails.

Barfly Bar Spoon with Muddler ($30 Value): Stir and muddle with sophistication. This stainless steel bar spoon, equipped with a muddler end, is a versatile tool for mixing and preparing ingredients, ensuring a smooth blend of flavours.

Barfly Julep Strainer ($25 Value): Designed for the refined bartender, this stainless steel julep strainer is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance when straining your concoctions into a glass.

Hepburn Mixing Glass ($28 Value): Blend your ingredients in style. The Hepburn Mixing Glass is not only practical but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your cocktail preparation, making the process as enjoyable as the tasting.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit ($36 Value): Perfect the art of the iconic Old Fashioned with our comprehensive kit. It includes all the necessary components to mix this timeless whiskey cocktail, ensuring a delightful and authentic taste.

Cheeky Card ($5 Value): Add a personal touch to your gift or enjoy a whimsical note for yourself. Our cheeky card is the perfect accompaniment to this whiskey lover’s set, infusing a bit of humour and personality into your cocktail crafting journey.

Whether you're gifting a whiskey aficionado or treating yourself, our Whiskey Lover Starter Set is the quintessential collection for exploring and enjoying the world of whiskey cocktails. Cheers to the perfect pour!

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