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We're Shayne and Nicole, the owners of Born to Shake!
We created Born to Shake out of our shared love for cocktails, bartending, and entertaining our friends and family. What began with cocktail syrups for home bartenders has grown into a full retail store and cocktail bar in the heart of Kelowna's north-end brewery district.
Our goal is to make cocktailing more approachable to the everyday person. We want to take bartending off its pedestal and reformat it into an easy-to-execute and delicious version of itself. We want to inspire you to be the best mixologist or bartender you can be, but remember, the key is to experiment and have fun!
We make fun and flavourful syrups, bitters, rimmers, and cocktail kits, which we build into easy-to-execute cocktails for your drinking pleasure. Check out our recipes here! All of our products are handmade in small batches in Kelowna, BC, with local and natural ingredients. We also provide the tools for successful bartending, including barware and glassware.
Follow our recipes, but also don’t – rules were meant to be broken. We pack tons of flavor into our products so you don’t need to have an extensive back bar, but our products are also gorgeous in complex multistep cocktails.
Whether you love drinking cocktails, making them, or both, we're your one-stop shop for cocktail syrups, bitters, rimmers, and gear. Check out our bar and retail store in Kelowna, or shop online.


And remember, life's too short to drink shitty cocktails.

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