About Us

Life is too short to drink shitty cocktails.

But life is also crazy and we can’t be experts at everything…

Our goal is to make cocktailing more approachable to the everyday person. We want to take the making of tasty drinks off its pedestal and reformat it into an easy to execute and delicious version of itself.

We come up with fun and flavourful syrups, bitters or mixes, and try to build them into easy to execute cocktails for your DIY drinking pleasures. We give you the tools to be successful and want you to be the best mixologist or bartender you can be. The key is to experiment and have fun. Follow our recipes, but also don’t – rules were meant to be broken. We pack tons of flavour into our products so you don’t need to have an extensive backbar, but our products are also gorgeous in complex multistep cocktails.

If making your own drinks still seems like too much effort, or if you’re hosting a special event or interested in learning about making cocktails, contact us to help you shake things up. We love getting behind the bar and showing you what we can do. We’ll craft you up a unique cocktail menu and can teach you some handy tricks of the trade that will be sure to impress.

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