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Ready To Host The Perfect Cocktail Party?

Unleash the mixologist within you! At Born to Shake, we're bringing the cocktail lounge to your living room. Dive into a world where you're the bartender, the host, and the life of the party. Our DIY experiences equip you with everything you need to shake, stir, and serve cocktails like a pro. Ready to get shaking?


Bar Supply Rentals

Elevate your event with our professional-grade bar supplies. From sleek glassware to essential bar tools, we've got everything to make your cocktail experience seamless and stylish.


Sip in style! Our premium glassware collection ensures each drink is presented perfectly. Rent our "Big Top Rocks" or "Nude Big Top Hi-Ball" glasses at just $2 per glass, with a 8% breakage fee added to the total invoice. Remember, presentation is everything in mixology!

Big Top Rocks Glass
 Nude Big Top Hi-Ball
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Please Note: Missing glasses are subject to a $5 per glass charge. Help us maintain our premium collection by returning glasses free of debris and positioned upright in the racks.


Shake, measure, and pour like a professional. Our full barware set rental includes everything an aspiring bartender might need: a Boston-style shaker set, 2oz jigger, bar spoon, and Hawthorne strainer, all for $30. It's a small investment for a night your guests will remember forever!

 Barfly Starter Barware Set - Stainless Steel

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Cocktail Ice

The secret to a stunning cocktail often lies in the ice. Our specialty ice collection ensures your cocktails are chilled to perfection, enhancing flavours and ensuring a premium experience.

1" Cubes: Ideal for shaking and stirring, keeping your cocktails cool and refreshing. Just $5 for a 5lb bag.

2" Clear Cubes: When dilution is not an option, these are perfect for spirit-forward cocktails like old fashioneds and negronis. Available at $3 per cube, these large, clear beauties keep your drink cold and flavours bold.

Crushed Ice: The perfect companion for long drinks, highballs, tiki cocktails, and mules. Ensure a frosty glass every time with our 5lb bags at $5 each.

Subject to availability. Reach out to us to confirm your ice needs for larger events!

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Cocktail Kits

Why not bring the full Born to Shake experience to your event with our handcrafted Cocktail Kits? These kits have everything to ensure your event is a hit from the first pour.

Whiskey Old Fashioned Kit  Lavender Lemonade Kit
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Whiskey Sour Kit Fresh AF Kit
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Gimmie The Tea Kit Take Me Away Kit
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Winter Sangria Kit Carrot Cake Old Fashioned Kit
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Blood Orange Margarita Kit Penicillin Kit
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Babe & Tonic Kit Blueberry Margarita Kit
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Lavender Drop Kit Manhattan Kit
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Raspberry Storm Kit Blueberry Moscow Mule
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Hosting a larger event? Get in touch with us for event-specific cocktail kits and bulk order queries. We love helping you host unforgettable cocktail experiences, no matter the size of the gathering!

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Ready to host the cocktail party of the year?

At Born to Shake, we're committed to making your DIY cocktail experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. With our premium rentals, quality supplies, and expertly crafted cocktail kits, you're all set to impress.

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