Industry Night with The Beverage Collective - Wednesday, October 25

Industry Night with The Beverage Collective - Wednesday, October 25
This event is reserved for bartending industry professionals. Wednesday, October 25 at 6pm Callin...
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This event is reserved for bartending industry professionals.

Wednesday, October 25 at 6pm

Calling all cocktail professionals - amp up your craft, get inspired, and taste some delicious new liqueurs courtesy of The Beverage Collective. Whether you need a new tropical bevvy for your cocktail menu or are looking for unique spirits to add to your bar, this is the event for you!

Join Born to Shake and The Beverage Collective to learn about the newly-released Maxico Mistico line of Mexican liqueurs. Your host, Xavier Aleba,  2023 Top 10 Diageo World Class finalist, will guide you through these spirits and provide you with the opportunity to shake things up with ingredients from Born to Shake and spirits represented by The Beverage Collective.

Tickets are free of charge and include:

- Six liqueur samples

- One welcome cocktail

- Educational session focused on the process and flavours of the Maxico Mistico line of Mexican liqueurs

- Cocktail-making session

- Cocktail recipes and ideas using featured spirits from The Beverage Collective and syrups, bitters, and rimmers from Born to Shake

    You'll be given some time to settle in, grab a cocktail, and order snacks before the learning begins, or join us early for happy hour from 3:00-6:00.

    This experience is about 1.5 hours in length. We welcome you to stick around for a cocktail afterwards and pick up any missing bar supplies, glassware or Born to Shake products for your home bar.

    Please arrive 10 minutes early to grab your seat. If you are buying separate tickets but would like to sit together, please drop us a note of the names of those in your party so we can plan your table.

    During this masterclass, you will sample:

    • Licor Abre Caminos: A deep blue Mexican citric amaro with notes of tangerine, blood orange, and lime. Inspired by classic Italian Amaro, this liqueur gets its bitterness from the root of a Mexican green lime and its vibrant colour from a tiny flower.
    • Licor Ven a Mi: Hibiscus and elderberry are the main characters in acidic, floral, bitter, and zesty liqueur. Beautiful on its own on the rocks or in a tequila cocktail.
    • Licor Llevame Lejos: Made from only seeds and roots,  ginger and turmeric are at the forefront of this liqueur with the addition of coriander seed and cardamom to balance freshness and dry complexity.
    • Licor Cortaespantos: Habanero and coffee give this liqueur a balance of spice and bitterness, while the estafiate base provides a wide range of flavours and complexity.
    • Licor del Sobador: Historic inspiration comes from Italian amaro where the recipe of this specific liqueur was used as medicine to fight cholera and malaria. A funky bitter flavour and a sweet herbal finish make this liqueur a delicious Mexican fernet.
    • Licor Limpia Auras: A golden green apertif with a pungent herbal taste and a fresh mineral finish. Salvia, estafiate, and other herbs form the base which lend to notes of marjoram, white mint, lavender, and rosemary.

    Maxico Mistico is inspired by, and built on, shamanic and mystical Mexican traditions. Forged from the old world and adapted to today's reality, these ancient Mexican recipes and techniques focus on long infusions, herb isolation and ingredient extractions to create these mystical potions.

    The Beverage Collective represents unique liquor and cocktail brands across Canada. They're committed to promoting innovation and exceptional ingredients, and dedicated to making a positive impact in the industry through the #drinkbetter movement. 

    Xavier Aleba is a long standing bartender and leader in the heart of Canada's cocktail scene, working at notable Edmonton establishments including DOSC, Baijiu, and Honi Honi. A local and national cocktail competition winner, he's taken home gold at the Fords Gin Municipal Competition and the Makers Mark National Competition. He collaborates with The Beverage Collective to showcase their unique portfolio and has an immense interest in the vast world of Tequila and Mezcal.

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