Buy your hospitality worker a drink FFS - they can use a stiff one...

Somebody bloody pinch me already… Our poor industry has been bombarded with one hurdle after another for OVER one year now, and the most recent restriction we’ve been slapped with is truly just the salt in this deep and open wound.

We want to help boost our hospitality’s spirits and are calling on our network who have been SO supportive over the last year of our growth to help us with this initiative.

HOW it works

Scroll down to add a $10 gift certificate to your cart for a LOCAL restaurant or brewery in Kelowna, BC. 

We will take this donation and purchase a $10 gift card directly from your chosen local business, and we will match it up randomly with a hospitality worker who has reached out to us and let us know they need a little love right now.

There is no limit in how many gift certificates you may purchase, and each purchase will go to a unique recipient.

That’s it. It’s easy. Let’s spread the love right now, support our local businesses, and have each other’s backs in these times (man, I’m getting tired of saying this).

277* Gift cards, for a total of $2,770, have been purchased already from all of YOU beautiful humans!! Let's keep the good times going and continue to raise our industry's spirits!!

We would like to give a HUGE thank-you to the Stober Foundation for their extremely generous donation on our behalf to the Canadian Mental Health Association. The generosity of our community has truly been so overwhelming, and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

Check out our castanet article if you haven't already!  If you would like to connect with us to show support in your own way, we would love to hear from you

HOSPITALITY WORKERS who have been impacted

If you are a hospitality worker and have been impacted by the Health Ministry’s most recent restrictions, please send us an email with your name, place of work, and the best number to reach you at. You will then be added to our database, and we will randomly match you with a donation as it comes in.

Cheers to you all for sticking through this past year, and to the road ahead.

Shayne & Nicole <3


Please note, that we will do whatever we can to accommodate all applications, however we need the support of our community for this to be successful; please share!!

*updated April 9 @ 2:30PM

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